What We Do

We keep it simple!  

- Each day we collect surplus food from around Tendring.

- We store it safely in our freezers and fridges.

- We have a network of approved recipient organisations who work directly with people in need

- We distribute the food to those that can use it appropriately


Thanks to the team at Tendring Reuse, we can use space and vehicles to collect and store the donated food.  Member groups can then turn up and take away what they need.  In some cases we can deliver it direct to them too!


How we do it:

We receive nightly alerts about surplus food from local retailers.  That same evening our volunteers collect the food and then sort and distribute it to organisations in the Tendring area that are able to use it.

We currently work with Marks and Spencers, but hope to add more retailers soon.  Make sure you contact us if you have surplus food to donate

Sign up if your are an organisation that can use donated food.